As artists, we see as our responsibility to speak up about what we see is wrong with the world, stir up emotions and make movement.

In wanting to respect our friends, and everyone who have been affected by the terrors on every side, we release a song today called 'Over' that was originally made out of pure feeling of being lost in what we call humanity, some time back in Copenhagen. Being stuck with safe old habits, and dangerous stillness of comfortability that can make one a hostage in the current. 

We want to live in a world where peace is more important than profit. Where collaboration is more important than self-accuracy. Where music moves more than politics. Where humans are not kettle, or machines, lives locked into destinations. Where love rises above all hate. 

It's whether we want to see behind of why the world isn't like we want it to be already. We have what it takes to stand up for it. There are 1.5 billion people the economists call Phantoms (under 35-year-olds figuring out why they would want to be part of the old system instead of creating a new one). Nobody said it was easy to change the world for better, but if we don't, it most definitely won't be any easier then either. We're here to say we believe in you. And that we're here with you. This is our Phantom manifesto for a better world. Art is resistance. 

X Hanna & Tommi X

'Over' along with a video directed by Pete Veijalainen will be released on 27th of November in digital outlets worldwide.

Thank you Clash Magazine for premiering this song that means a lot to us, Marietta Longley from Outpost, Kiki, Martin, Pauli, Sabrina, Niels, Jamie and all of our friends and family who have supported us along the way. <3 Love wins.